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Gmail users feel lucky to use useful features such as large storage capacity, spam filter, easy translation facility, backup function, email threading, easy configuration of Gmail with other emailing clients and so many more. However, this spell with Gmail shakes users faith in Gmail when users are desperate to know How to Resolve Problem When Your Gmail Mail Rejected. This is actually error that leads to block the user’s way.

Main issue: Sent message appears with ‘Message rejected’

The email that you are attempting to send externally as well as internally bounce back and error message saying ‘Message rejected’ along with the link helpful for you. This message failed to deliver to any of the users and there is no added info as why the message has bounced. 



Cause behind error: The message is marked as spam based on the characteristics of the account or the content of the message by automated spam filter. This leads to mail rejection by the recipient’s mail server.

Third-party blacklists can cause your messages to be rejected by other domains. You'll need to contact their domain administrator and ask them to. The settings can be configured to reject messages which are not sent from particular IP addresses as well as servers.

Resolution to the problem: The message which you are trying to send out is marked as spam due to the troubles with the account or with the message content. For solving the errors, first of all check the account settings, inbound spam filter on recipient’s side. 



Go for Mass Mailing: The main trouble is that message is BCC, CC to various recipient’s at a time which is similar to how to send the spam messages. This results into bulk of emails sending with spam. Thus, ensure for using other option like Google Groups for sending the messages to various people at a time. Ensure that group is placed in bounce state as soon as messages cannot be send to innumerous people in the group. For this, it is better to check out the Google group is sending emails to the active email address and not to the addresses which are misspell.

The error also appeared of third-party is blacklist and cause the messages to be rejected by some other domains. If this is the cause then contact with the domain administrator and ask for configuring the email settings for accepting the email.

How to Resolve Problem When Your Gmail Mail Rejected: Consult with the Gmail customer support available 24 into 7 to provide you the services for rectifying the error. You will get instant action from the support team. They use straight-forwards and simple ways for rectifying the error trouble.


How to Resolve Problem When Your Gmail Mail Rejected? A Systematic Way Out Is Provided At Large